Masai Mara Safari Tours

Nature has adored Masaimara with various fascination destinations and by spending your holidays there; you will surely explore all its magnificence. The remarkable meadows, abundant wildlife and terrific perspectives of the Masai Mara are an incredible sight and it is thought to be the finest national reserve in Africa. Our Masai Mara safari tours offers something for everybody, from the first run visitor to the Mara safari-lover. A Masai Mara Safari visit generally begins in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. One may choose to travel via air or by road. Using a flight will take you around 45 minutes, while going in a tour van will take no less than 6 hours.

The centre of attraction of this Masai Mara safari tour is to see the Wildebeest Migration, where countless wildebeest cross the waters of the Mara River as a feature of their yearly relocation over the Serengeti-Mara biological community between the months of July and October. Here, at Bundutours and safaris we give you a choice of road and air safari tours that fluctuate in terms, accommodation options and enhancements and incorporate visits to the Masai Mara National Reserve. Our tour guides have tremendous information and experience of the territory which enables them to explore the zone and give you the best seats in the house. In case you’re searching for an efficacious African safari, this Masai Mara safari visit experience will give you explicitly that.